About me

A Little bit about myself

An Interior Designer by profession, I have been working on Interior designing projects for many years.  
Somewhere in the year 2006 I got into crafting.

I moved to teaching where I worked as an Art and Craft teacher in a reputed school in Mumbai for a few years. It was fun teaching primary section kids, different/ innovative kinds of crafts. The course included Papercrafting, clay work, glass painting and lots more.  

Now I am a Stay-at-home entrepreneur.  I try to balance my work and all the household chores (which are endless ;)). 

I am a mother of a 10-year old boy who loves crafting as much as I do. He is my inspiration. I share all my crafty problems, my thoughts, my ideas with him....hehehehe ... 

I am passionate about learning new skills, techniques and implement them wherever possible. I also like to challenge myself to do better and better always. 

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